Where is Morven? 

8 hours drive west of Brisbane on sealed highways. 

Where can I live? 

Our family also owns the Pick a box Motel in Morven that has long term single room ensuite accommodation. Your room and bathroom will be your own and the laundry and camp kitchen are shared. We are also in the construction phase of off site accommodation for our staff. We also have a share house that is available in town, however spaces are limited.

What if we are a couple?

At this stage we only have single person accommodation, however, once our staffing accommodation is complete there will be limited couple rooms to accommodate you. We have the option of a share house if there is space available.

How much is my accommodation?

If you work for the Truck Stop over 20 hours per week you are entitled to a discount accommodation of $150 per week per room. Your accommodation will be deducted from your pay each week.

Do I need a car?

Yes, although there is a bus that travels from Brisbane to Morven daily you will still be required to work early and late shifts. The Truck Stop is located 1.2km from the town and it is along a main highway. NOTE: there are many kangaroos out west. It is dangerous to drive at night or on the cusp of dusk and dawn.

How would I go shopping?

Although you have access to basics in Morven you will have to drive 85km to Charleville or 180km to Roma to do any major shopping. 

What facilities are in Morven? 

We have a local community gym. All proceeds go to the local Morven Progress Association which is a volunteer organisation. 

We have recreation grounds, which include tennis courts, a skate park and a cricket/ football oval.  

What wage will I receive? 

$28.38 per hour Monday - Friday

$37.03 per hour Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays

This will be reviewed at the start of each financial year with the government legislation.

How often do I get paid?

Weekly, payroll is processed on a Monday with the exception on public holidays. You will be required to clock in and clock off using deputy time management app.

What does the roster look like?

We are open 5am -10pm and rosters are between 4:30am and 10:30pm. Your shifts will be 10.5 hours long for 14 days with 14 days off.

What is the meal allowance?

When you are on shift you are entitled to a $15 meal allowance and any items you wish to purchase over this are 25% off. We offer our staff a 25% discount at all times with the exclusion of fuel, smokes and mobile credit. 

Can I stay in Morven on my 14 days off?

With the permission of the Pick A Box Motel staff you are welcome to stay, however you will still need to arrange your 2 weeks accommodation payment prior to extending your stay.

What is the uniform?

We will provide you with one work shirt at no cost and then every shirt thereafter must be purchased for $20 these are fully tax refundable. Morven Truck Stop and Morven Rural is enclosed black shoes and black pants/shorts. We have black jackets for purchase in winter or you may wear a plain black jumper or hoodie. 

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